Personalised one to one consultancy service to provide a tailored plan to support you in your health journey.

It is the right service for me?

If you are looking for an indepth assesment on your current health and nutrition habits and a personalised plan to reach your goals this is the plan for you. Changes will be sustainble and longlasting, not a fad diet but a lifestyle change. After our initial discovery call we can assess how many follow ups will be needed – the lenght and costs of the plan will be taylored to you be able to reach your goals, but a minimum of 1 initial+2 follow ups is required to obtain results and see progress.

Initial consultation – 1h – £120
During our first 1 h appoint we will discuss in deep you past and current health, goals, lifestyle. 3 days after a personalised plan and handouts will be delivered via email. Between the initial appointment and the follow up (1 month after) a no- compulsary fornightly touch base 10 minutes call to discuss any challenge and sucess is offered.
Upon booking the consultation you will receive a questionnaire+food diary to be filled at least 3 days before the appointment.

Follow-Up – 40 minutes – £70
Follow up from the previous appointments during which we will discuss progress, challenges and eventual test results. An updated plan and handouts twill be delivered in 2 days. Continuous support is offered with fortnightly 10 minutes touch-up call between appointments.