The journey to great health is rarely easy or straightforward. It’s not just about how much time and effort you put in. There are hundreds of different diets and often contrary pieces of information out there from seemingly endless sources, all vying for your attention, along with advice from GPs and specialist health practitioners. 

Harmonising the right advice from the right people is key to optimising your health and wellbeing. As we are (and can only be) what we put into our bodies, nutrition is an absolutely crucial part of this journey.


Working together on a one-to-one basis, I will provide you with a tailored nutritional, supplemental, and lifestyle plan to support you throughout your journey and create long lasting change. My goal is to empower you with knowledge and information to enable you to reach your goals and maintain your newfound health.


Food Power Nutrition is an online clinic: nutritional therapy consultations are held online via phone or video call. No stuffy clinical environments, lengthy journeys to central London, or  scarcity of available time slots to worry about – you will be able to enjoy your consultation from the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you.

Step one


A 20 minute call with myself to help you discover how nutritional therapy can support you and help me understand your individual situation and goals. After our call I will follow up with a proposal outlining the best package for you. 

No two clients are the same, and the frequency and type of consultations advised will be assessed on a personal basis – the right unique package to create a tangible change. 

Step two


Many factors can impact your health: lifestyle, current and past nutrition patterns, medications, as well as personal and family medical history. A questionnaire and food diary covering these areas will help identify which aspects of your health we should focus on.

Step three


Depending on where you are on your journey, this may be an initial consultation, a follow-up, a diet review, or functional test interpretation. All consultation services have a common approach and goal: listen to your full story, your journey so far, to assess how to better support you.

Step four


I will devise a bespoke plan tailored to your needs, likes and dislikes, current situation and budget, with sustainable but effective action points. 


Plans will be achievable, manageable, and scalable, with just a few suggestions initially,  giving you sufficient time to adjust and comfortably integrate them into your routine, before adding more when the time is right.


Each suggestion will be explained and discussed with you via a call, so you feel empowered in your new health habits and choices, with a solid understanding of the reasoning behind all aspects of your personalised plan.

Handouts and recipes will be provided to help you stay on track and make the most of your plan. Supplementation and testing will be suggested if necessary, but the main focus will be on nutrition and lifestyle changes.