Food Power Recipe Plan

4 weeks of nutritionist approved recipes.
All recipes are balanced, easy to cook and delicious and organised to provide an adequate balance of macros and kcal in a day.

• Your plan will also include a food shopping list and a complementary booklet on related to your plan.

• Choose between the following options: Vegan or Wholefoods

• Every month on the 1st new plans will be available in order to provide you with seasonal recipes.

• £40 per 4 weeks plans, meaning £10 per week for new recipes inspiration and guidance on how a balanced day of food should look like

These Food plans are not customisable or personalised, and it is aimed to individuals with minimum medication or health issues.

What's included...

4 weeks recipe plan including breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner options
You can choose between the following options:

• Wholefoods
• Vegan

Food shopping list to be sure to have all the ingredients for your recipes.

New recipes will be available to purchase every 1st day of the month to include seasonal options; You will be notified via email when they are available.

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