The best nutrients to modulate allergic reactions

Springtime is almost here and with it allergic reactions due to hay fever. Can nutrition help manage how much you are affected by it? Definitely! While nutrition and supplements can’t cure allergy, and I recommend following medical advice for severe allergic reactions, some dietary changes can help you balance your immune system and possibly dim the severity of your allergic symptoms.
Below are some nutrients which can help:

Quercetin – a compound that can inhibit histamine release, which is found in apples, brassica vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, rocket, kale) and berries which is better absorbed with a source of fat or apple pectin. Consuming 100g of berries daily can increase quercetin levels by 50%.

Proanthocyanins – another compound that can inhibit histamine release and is mainly found in grapes skin and seeds, as well as in berries, cocoa and almonds (the skin).

Reishi mushrooms – the extract of these medicinal mushrooms can help reduce inflammation and modulate allergic reactions.

Omega 3 – a powerful anti-inflammatory compound found in oily fish, chia seeds and general nuts and seeds. Omega3 can help reduce prolonged reactions and dim down inflammatory responses.

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can definitely be helpful during this season, as well as avoiding pro-inflammatory foods such as heavily processed meals, foods containing vegetable oils such as rapeseed and sunflower oil and overdoing it with meat!