Lucia Stansbie
Registered Nutritional Therapist, Dip CNM, mBANT, mCNHC, mCNHC, member of the Royal Society of Medicine

I am a passionate nutritionist dedicated to helping clients improve their health through the power of food, science and nutrition.

My approach is supported by continuous research and training as a practitioner and Head of Education for the Nutrition Collective, an educational provider investigating the latest nutrition and functional medicine research.

My Process

• Complete a short questionnaire and a three-day food diary, which I analyse and research any specific elements before our initial consultation.

• One-hour initial consultation
A deep dive to review your case, identify your goals, and discuss the most appropriate course of action.

• Functional testing
Test and not guess! I back my recommendations with data from the best and most accurate functional tests to tackle the root cause problem quickly and efficiently.

• Personalised plan and fortnightly follow-up
I will coach you through your path to claim your health back, offering support and frequent sessions.

My Method

• Listening and understanding your present and past health challenges.

• Providing support between sessions to coach and motivate you through your journey.

• Expert education around food and nutrients to empower you with the knowledge to make the best dietary choices.

• Including rather than excluding! Introducing nutrients and whole foods rather than excluding them to bring back the joy and flavours into your diet.

• Following the latest science and research to provide the best and most targeted plans and solutions.

Ready to start your journey to optimum health?

The 5 Core Pillars to Health...

These pillars are all linked together and overarched by digestion and absorption. If we can’t make the most of the foods we eat or absorb the nutrients in them (or in supplements) all dietary interventions will be in vain. The digestive system health and its microbiome (from the oral, to the stomach and the gut) status will be carefully addressed and all unbalances addressed.


The impact blood sugar levels are having on you, your body systems and energy levels.


This process is impacted by your vitamin B status and has a profound impact on mitochondrial (the cells power plants) health, energy production and gene expression between others.


Your antioxidant status, because nutrition is much more than macro nutrients and having enough proteins!


Fats play an essential role in our health as they are integral part of our cell membranes, are used for hormone production and is what our brain is made of.


We are water!