Lucia Stansbie

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Dip CNM, mBANT, mCNHC

Because of my Italian background I have always been fascinated by food – colours, taste, textures and the joy it brings, something that I wanted to share. Nutritional therapy made me discover the power of food and how to use it to nourish and support the body to restore health.

I trained for 3 years at London College of Naturopathic Medicine, and obtained a diploma in naturopathic nutritional therapy with distinction. My rigorous training involved not only nutrition but also biomedicine, pathology, scientific research and over 200 hours of clinical practice. All backed up by the latest scientific information and research.

As a Nutritional Therapist I view health in an holistic way: all body systems are connected and nutrition impacts all of them. Through a tailored assessment and a bespoke plan I can support your health through specific times, help you manage chronic health conditions, balance misalignments, find optimum health and vitality – all harnessing the power of foods and nutrients.

My commitment as a practitioner is to empower and support you in your health journey – I will help understand how to use food to reach your health goals and how to maintain them.


Pre-diabetes, Diabetes type2 and metabolic syndrome

Have you just been diagnosed with pre or type2 diabetes, or worried you are at risk of developing the condition? Several studies highlight the importance of adequate nutrition for the management of those conditions, and I can support you for a tailored plan that reflects those findings.

Weight management

Tried different fad diets that didn’t work or only did temporarily? Weight management advice can be overwhelming, strict diets can be frustrating and lack of results demoralising. We are all different and so are the reasons why you might struggle to reach your optimal weight – is not all about the calories. I can help you achieve your goals with a personalised nutrition plan and continuous support, as one diet can’t fit all.

Skin conditions – eczema and acne

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body, and conditions affecting it are reflections or in-depth body imbalances. Nutrition can be of big help in managing eczema and acne, reducing symptoms and reoccurrence of flare-ups.


Foods and nutrients can have a direct impact on thyroid gland health and function.
A personalised plan can help to support you in this condition and work along with an allopathic therapy in order to reach optimum health and restore vitality.

Chronic fatigue

Food is the fuel that we need to be nourished and ready to face the day with energy. But what if your current nutrition is not supporting your body or hindering the vitality in you? I can help you discover different ways to nourish your body through food supporting your energy levels to reach optimum health.

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is much more than the local tapas bar menu. Is a way of eating and lifestyle that made populations living around the Mediterranean sea live long and in good health. Is nothing short of magic how the different micro and macronutrients work together in this dietary regime, which is also one of the most sustainable, being supportive for many conditions including ageing.

Healthy plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diet

Want to embrace a plant-based, vegetarian or vegan diet but are not sure how to do it properly? Find so much contrasting and overwhelming information about those dietary regimes? Already a vegetarian or vegan but feel your diet is nourishing enough? I can help you tailor those regimes for your needs, providing plenty of advice, recipes and information on how to stay healthy while being plant-based, vegetarian or vegan.


Continuous Support

I will support you between sessions by offering complimentary fortnightly 15 minutes touch base calls, to discuss any challenge, success or doubts you might have between sessions. As a practitioner, I want to see you succeed in your goals, and I will help you doing so.

Backed by Science

All information and suggestions provided during the consultation and in the plans are backed by science and continuous research. As a registered Nutritional Therapist and registered member of BANT (link) and CNHC (link), I comply with continuous professional development, obtained through updated scientific publications, conferences and seminars. 


Our food habits not only impact our health, but also the health of our planet. This is something I take into great account when creating a plan. I champion seasonal local produce, plant-based diets, sustainable organic farming and fishing shying away from expensive exotic superfoods and imported season fruit & veg – there are plenty of alternatives to acai berries and baobab powder! 

All reports and plans will be delivered digitally to minimise the waste of paper.