Today is national cheese toastie day! ๐Ÿ™‚

A yummy treat to have occasionally, but not a nutritionally complete one as it lacks fiber, many vitamins and is high in saturated fat.

How to improve its nutritional value?

*Try to use whole grain instead of white bread for extra fiber. Fiber is essential for gut health and glucose balance.

*Alternatively try sourdough bread, which is easier to digest. The slow natural fermentation makes fiber and micronutrients in the bread more bioavailable.

*Add kimchi to your cheese toastie – it is amazingly tasty. Being a naturally fermented product, kimchi can support gut health and many body functions such as food assimilation, immunity, hormonal balance and weight management.

*Have a rocket salad as a side. Bitter greens can stimulate bile production, useful as bile aid in the digestion and processing of fats (cheese has a high percentage of fat).

No food is right or wrong – healthy nutrition is in balance and making the most of the foods we love!