Split Pea and Turmeric Soup Recipe

This simple recipe is packed with nutrients: peas are full of protein, fibre, iron and potassium – a key mineral for cardiovascular health. Like all legumes, peas are very satiating and provide a “second meal effect” as they help stabilising blood sugar level after eating them, and until the meal after.

Extra virgin olive oil is another key ingredient in this delicious soup: packed with omega 3 and 6 healthy fats is very important to protect the heart and general wellbeing, as it is full of antioxidants, vitamin E and K providing anti-inflammatory action.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound, which is better absorbed with fat and black pepper – both present in this recipe!

Legumes and olive oil are cornerstones of Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest way of eating helpful to preserve cardiovascular health, possibly prevent diabetes and oxidative stress.

COOKING TIME: ½ hour + 6 hours to soak the peas


1 Garlic Cloves

Cumin seeds (to taste)

Turmeric powder (to taste)

Olive Oil

750ml bone broth (or vegetable broth if wanting to make a vegan dish)

250gr split yellow peas (or another legume like slip red lentils)

Salt and Pepper

To garnish

Live kefir – use coconut diary free if vegan

Fresh coriander



1. The first step is to soak the peas into lukewarm water and a squeeze of lemon overnight (or at least for 6 hours). This process will make them more tender and digestible avoid bloating. This process is also useful to eliminate the phytates – compounds present in all grains and legumes that inhibit iron and zinc absorption if consumed during the same meal.
2. Get ready to start cooking by warming up the broth in a small pan at low heat, in order to let it simmer.
3. In a different and bigger high saucepan start heating (medium heat) a good dash of olive oil and add the crushed garlic cloves and cumin to infuse the oil. Be careful not to burn the garlic and squash the cloves 5 minutes before using them to allow allicin to be released (allicin is what makes garlic a super antioxidant, antiviral, anti-bacterical and anti-inflammatory food).
4. At this point you can add the drained peas and turmeric powder to the pan, stirring to coat them in oil and flavour for a couple of minutes.
5. Now you add the broth you have already heated and let the soup simmer for 1/2h on low to medium heat checking and stirring from time to time, to avoid it sticking to the pan and burn.
6. Add salt and pepper after the first 20 minutes, as doing it earlier will make the peas chewy and doing it too late will disintegrate them. Whilst adding salt and pepper you can also add some fresh herbs for flavour.
7. After 1/2h your lentils will be ready – enjoy your meal with some live kefir (coconut dairy free one if vegan) and fresh coriander.

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