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I am Lucia, a certified London-based nutritional therapist. Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach to health that understands how different body systems are connected and how to balance them through the power of food and nutrients. Through a tailored assessment and a bespoke plan, I can support your health through specific periods of your life, help you manage chronic health conditions, balance misalignments, and find optimum health and vitality - all by harnessing the power of foods and nutrients. It doesn’t need to be complicated – it needs to be yours. The services I offer are:

Personally Tailored Nutrition

I am ready to listen to your story and discuss the best approach we can take.

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…with a unique history, health concerns and goals to achieve.

Food and nutrients, the things we put in our body, impact each of us differently, at different moments of our life – as your journey and your ever-changing physiology is unique to you, so should be your nutrition!

At Food Power Nutrition, I use my knowledge as a registered Nutritional Therapist to understand how food is impacting you and your health, how to reach your goals, and support you along your path to excellent health and wellbeing.


I use nutritional therapy to support:

Pre-diabetes, Diabetes type2 and metabolic syndrome

Weight management

Histamine sensitivity


Gut issues, including SIBO and IBS

Mediterranean diet

Healthy plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets

My Success Stories

I came to Lucia because I suffer with eczema and I wanted to understand how food could help me manage my skin condition. From the start she was very helpful and extremely attentive to my needs, and drafted a programme that would work with my habits and taste. I really appreciated how supportive she was in following my journey, it showed she genuinely cares for her patients wellbeing and is passionate about making a positive difference in their life.


Lucia was a quintessential part of my journey throughout my second pregnancy. Having suffered with gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy it was my primary goal to avoid this happening again. Lucia went into real depth listening to mine and my family’s health history, analysing my diet and gave me an easy to follow nutritional and supplement plan. I was so incredibly happy that my Glucose Tolerance Test came back negative and I could continue with a healthy pregnancy. I could not recommend her highly enough.


I was looking for a certified nutritional therapist in London and got in touch with Lucia a few months after giving birth. I was breastfeeding my baby, experiencing hormonal unbalances and my thyroid levels were all over the place. Lucia helped me to get through that amazing but challenging time with an easy-to-follow food plan that allowed me to feel energized and healthy. It was simple but extremely effective and realistic for me as a first time mom! She gave me so many alternatives and suggestions! Also…I got back my body!!! I strongly recommend Lucia: she is very professional, knowledgeable, supportive and extremely friendly at the same time!


Lucia inspired confidence in me from the moment I met her on zoom. She asked very thorough questions and is an excellent listener. I found her knowledgeable, empathic and she understood the challenges of making lots of making lots of changes at once so encouraged me to set realistic goals. Lucia recommended a particular supplement along with dietary changes which have really worked to improve the joint issue I was experiencing. I like her philosophy and is such a pleasure to connect with her; I highly recommend her!


Lucia is a friendly nutritionist who is considerate of your personal dietary preferences. Working with her is really easy. The advice is clear. Lucia provides you with all the options you need to start including recipes and where to buy all the products. Since adding supplements after the appointment, I feel more energetic and have better understanding of what I need for better nutrition


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